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 Retro Games

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PostSubject: Retro Games   Retro Games I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 11:40 pm

We have the retro movies so why not games?

Anything from Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, N64, SNES, NES, PlayStation and all that lovely stuff.

Some of you are probably too young to have owned or even have played any games from these consoles but you can still give in your input Very Happy

My fave retro games

Conkers Bad Fur Day(N64) - I mean daamn what ISN'T awesome about squirrels, flowers with giant boobs, singing shit(litterally), Nazi inspired teddy bears, pissing on your enemy's to death, blood, explosions and ALOT OF F*%K, S@!T AND BALLS.

Super Mario World(SNES) - I used to watch my cousin play it Very Happy... untill he eventually let me play as Luigi. Sadly I failed at the majority of levels so repeated easy ones to gain points.

MYST(Sega Saturn) - I dunno why but that game scared me shitless. My mom played with me alot too. I think it was her repeating how errie and creeped out she was that made me fear.

Harvest Moon(Playstation) - Hoo!! I remember. Late nights, collapsing from overworking myself at the farm, going to the bar and eventually carried home by my mates from getting piss drunk, and then taking it out on my animals with the hammer and sickle in the morning.

Duck Hunt(NES) OMG OMG OMG . I FXXKING LOVED THIS GAME. I had the nintendo zapper!!! or w/e. That orange gun!!!. I owwned srsly. Hated that god damn annoying dog tho - -

Retro Games PBiNW
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PostSubject: Re: Retro Games   Retro Games I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 7:04 am

This is No particular order but...

1. Donkey Kong Country - (SNES) This game was so fucking fun with all of its Levels, Bosses and everything I remeber using hours on this with my Mates after School, even the 2 games after this were so fucking awesome.

2. Mortal Kombat - (SNES) So many buttons to press to get out one Frikken comba or attack it was so fun to see someones face rip off with a well placed punch.

3. Star Fox 64 - (N64) Talk about Pew Pew star fighter game with furries.

4. Conker's Bad Fur Day - (N64) A pissed of Squirrel with a bunch of uzi's? Could a game get any better?

5. Banjo-Kazooie - (N64) What annoys me the most is i havent Completed this game yet, and I probably never will, but god, best fucking open enviroment game there was, so big with so much adventure and shit happening.

6. - Donkey Kong 64 - (N64) Fucking awesome nuff said.

7. GoldenEye 007 - (N64) Best shooter of its time?


9. Mario Kart 64 - (N64) Such a funny raceing game XD never giggled so much with a game before while playing against others.

10. Killer Instincts - (N64) Well it has got to be one of my favorite Fighting Games of the Oldies, it was so damn fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Retro Games   Retro Games I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 10:28 pm

Eh... Like Nox, this is in no particular order.

1. Silent Hill (PS): A true horror classic. I know its outdated now, but it was considered the scariest game of its time. Psychotic creatures from hell, a mysterious town shrouded in snow, a rusty underworld, and an evil little girl. This sounds like a horror game of EPIC proportions! Resident Evil ruined itself, so HAH. SH wins, BITCHES. >_>

2. Resident Evil (PS): The original horror game. But the series was ruined when the zombies left the scene, and parasites entered. They may have added MOMENTS of horror, but meh. On to the game. Where do I begin? The corny voice acting, the random popping up, the monsters, all very epic.

3. House of the Dead (Sega Saturn): MWAHA! My very first favorite light gun shooter! It was so fun blasting away frog people, blue men, a big ass spider, and saving dumbasses who couldn't run for their beans!

4. Super Smash Bros. (N64): The original SSB. Very family friendly, and my mom could pwn anyone with Kirby... Which is very disturbing, due to the fact she's in her 40s and has never played a game before... o_o

5. House of the Dead II (Dreamcast): ROFLCOPTER. With voice acting much worse than Resident Evil, how could I resist?! XD

6. Super Mario Bros. (NES): The classic game everyone knows. A plumber running around a strange land with pipes, and squashing things with his head hard as diamonds, and his ass fatter than mine.

7. Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64): I enjoyed the Great Mighty Poo... So much, I was laughing until I needed to take a shit. And the Nazi bears (Tediz?) were awesome. XD

8. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis): The debut of the speedy little blue thing. He was oddly fatter back then, and Robotnik was more like a sphere. I enjoyed the music, the simple Mario-esque gameplay, and the sound of BOING! Now, if I could edit the Scout's voice into the game, so Sonic goes BOINK! everytime an enemy gets popped under his deadly shoe.

9. Mystical Ninja: Goemon's Great Adventure (N64): A funny little game where you can choose to play as a ninja with a pipe, a fat arse with a spoon, a midget with kunai, and a mermaid with a rocket launcher. Randomness, stupidity, and massive fun occurs. I enjoyed all of the music, since it brings back old memories of Japan. I especially enjoyed the track Burning My Soul, the music played when you traverse through the flaming ruins of Edo Castle.

10. Soul Edge (PS): The start of the Soul Calibur series. Music of epic proportions, characters of numerous intruiging backgrounds, and a plot that started it all. I mostly enjoyed the dread pirate Cervantes. Easy to play as, fun to hear his stage music, and fun to smash things with a sword that looks as if it got raped in its ass by Silent Hill.

11. Megaman X (SNES): The start of the Megaman X series. A wonderful sidescrolling shooter where you play as the adult version of the original Megaman. Your goal is to stop this bald, ass-chinned mofo from destroying the world and rebuilding it into "a new Eden". Fun bosses, easy gameplay, decent music, what's not to love?
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PostSubject: Re: Retro Games   Retro Games I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 1:44 am

old final fantasy games (liek 3-6) -ashamed- v.v

also link to the past. also mario kart 64. also FFFUUUUCK YEEEAH MYST BEST ADVENTURE GAME EVER
also the secret of monkey island. funniest adventure game ever.
also pokemon puzzle league. it's puzzle league. BUT WITH POKEMON. also pokemon stadium, also pokemon snap. that was so awesome.
favourite old game is still escape velocity nova. YOU GET TO FLY AROUND SPACE IN A SHIP POWERED BY YOUR THOUGHTS AND THROW TELEPATHIC BEAMS AT OTHER SHIPS. or you could use mods, get a hugely overpowered hax ship, use a bunch of wormholes, get a bunch of chumps to join your army and conquer the galaxy. awesome. i never got around to completing any campaign apart from the vell-os (SHIPS POWERED BY YOUR THOOOUGHTS) because it wasn't easy or anything, but it was like the most likely campaign to get into. you deliver something to earth. you deliver something to earth again. now you're psychic, for some reason. except escape velocity nova is on pc. yeah. whoops. just realized.
also donkey kong 64.
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PostSubject: Re: Retro Games   Retro Games I_icon_minitime

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Retro Games
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