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THEY come after you too. With Bug

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 Battle Plans and Expectations

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PostSubject: Battle Plans and Expectations   Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:17 pm

Alright. I'll cut to the chase here. You already know what we wish to do, Jesse made that clear. Here are our battle tactics, our different ways to raid rooms without breaking the ToS. This is a WIP, a work in progress... .-.

Flammenwerfer: Our basic tactic. Simply flame, flame, and flame some more.

Infantry Surge: A simple infantry raid. Infantry simply does their job.

Spy With My Little Eye: Not really an assault tactic, but extremely important. We need spies for this war, so we get them. Special Ops will disguise themselves to blend in with the room, and try to get information out of our enemies. Don't forget chur sapper, gentlemen.

TLC: Our soldiers could use some motivation! So we send in the Ubermensch... The medics! Medics behave sort of like cheerleaders in our operation, and it's their job to keep everyone's spirits up!

Erectin' a Dispenser: Engineers need to cover our backs. If a lot of us need to leave, and the engineers have time, they need to get their butts into the room we left to cover our position and keep up a fight.

Artillery Shells: Our artillery is usually in charge of keeping our bases safe from noobs, but this time, we bring in a few to help our side of the fray. They won't flame directly, but sort of stay at the sidelines.

Big Bertha: Our tactics aren't working! So what do we do? We leave the room and let our nuke and missle in, both at the same time. Only in desperate times do we ever need to use both of them at once.

Czar Boobius the First: Comrades, we will send our female members to flame. Show that you're tougher than a guy, and you can kick equally as much ass as a dude can. This move is only when more than half of our male members are a bit busy.

Caligula: The opposite of Czar Boobius, we send in our male members while the females are off.

Blitzkrieg: My personal favorite. This involves flooding rooms with our members. Any popular room that is empty, flood it so no one can enter. Not even the mods or owner. If it has some people, still flood into it. Then, do what we do best.

Lesbian Seagull: This involves sending our female members into rooms. They will dress flirtatiously, and will act flirtatiously. To simplify this... Just act like a ho. Don't break ToS, though. Just flirt alot. Use the little kiss actions and such.

Gay Lion: This is exactly like Lesbian Seagull... But, with MEN.

Nox Nuke: A special tactic dedicated for Nox. We UL members know Nox is our top dog, the one who can clear a room with his awesome flaming abilities. This tactic pretty much involves him and one or more back up members. This tactic should follow after a Mizz Missle. Only start these two tactics in desperate times.

Mizz Missle: A special tactic dedicated for Mizz. Another one of our masters of flaming, she can help clear out a few people in a room with her brilliant madness. The fools who stay in the room will then become subject to a Nox Nuke. Only start these two tactics in desperate times.

Noobatron: Anyone but a Grammar Nazi such as myself could do this. Disguise as a noob, act like a noob, type like a noob. The room owner is bound to get pissed. If he boots you, bring in more "noobs".

Backstabbing Buttmunch: This is just like SWMLE, but meant for our "darker" members who often get mistaken as emos. Those of us who are especially great with deception will make friends with Jesse's so called enemies, the "elitistnoob emofags". We will then chat with our newfound victim friend and look for what they hate, their biggest pet peeves. Post them up on the forum so we can react to this.

MADNESS.: For us who are just plain bonkers and just plain smart... All at the same time. We will enter a room and flame them with our intelligent insanity (don't go over the ToS, though...). However, I only think a few of us are capable of bringing the Mad Hatter out of Wonderland, so sorry.

Obscenity: Anyone can easily do this. You know those "tabboo" things people bitch about? Bring that out. Be gay. Dress like a Nazi. Rock out to Satanism. These would surely bother most, if not all, room goers.

4 Emos, 1 Stone: Based off of our first triumph in the GOEN (Jesse will post more on this) and the brilliance of Lizz, this is a WONDERFUL tactic that involves pissing off the enemies, then pretending to argue with each other. Maddening, isn't it?


EXPECTATIONS... Will be written after I think them through. :3

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Plans and Expectations   Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:21 pm

rocking out to satanism? man most rooms i go to someone can play white supremasist music and nobody cares
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Plans and Expectations   Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:30 pm

I was just giving silly little examples. You don't have to follow the plans word for word. Feel free to jumble it up a bit. @o@
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Plans and Expectations   Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:25 pm

Good job bro. REMEMBER THO. to make some more tactical plans. involing each rank and such. so we all know what do do. likee what the medics will be doing while the infantry is flaming n stuff like that!

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Plans and Expectations   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:54 am

Obscenity.... that one was clearly made for me...

i love you joey... XDDDDDDD

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Plans and Expectations   

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Battle Plans and Expectations
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