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THEY come after you too. With Bug



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PostSubject: BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY   BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 2:27 pm

JohnnyCage92: XDDD
ThievusRaccoonus94: He's gonna dress up as Ben 10 and make me his bitch again!! ;_;
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: D:
JohnnyCage92: haddnt even crossed my mind... XDDD
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *walks away*
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :I
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: ;-; bye byez...
ThievusRaccoonus94: Yes it did. >_>
ThievusRaccoonus94: Pervert.
ThievusRaccoonus94: -throws shoe at you-
ThievusRaccoonus94: Bai...? @-@
Guest_aliceinwonderland202 has left the chat
JohnnyCage92: .-.
JohnnyCage92: jesse went brb...
JohnnyCage92: so umm...
JohnnyCage92: we have to stay...
JohnnyCage92: sooo...
ThievusRaccoonus94: >->
JohnnyCage92: is it hero time yet?
ThievusRaccoonus94: -pulls out newspaper-
ThievusRaccoonus94: >->...
ThievusRaccoonus94: Must I show you how much I luff you?
JohnnyCage92: XDDDDDDDD
ThievusRaccoonus94: >->...
JohnnyCage92: sexy... XDDD
QueenHypocrite has joined the chat
QueenHypocrite: Hello.
ThievusRaccoonus94: Ello.
ThievusRaccoonus94: @-@
QueenHypocrite: How're you all?
ThievusRaccoonus94: Hold on. I need to show how much I love the towel man. >->
JohnnyCage92: ^_^"
ThievusRaccoonus94: -beats the shet out of Johnny with the newspaper- D<
JohnnyCage92: x.x
QueenHypocrite: Towel!
ThievusRaccoonus94: I love chu. <3
ThievusRaccoonus94: -trots off-
QueenHypocrite: *pulls towel away&
ThievusRaccoonus94: @3@
QueenHypocrite: Very Happy
QueenHypocrite: Man thong.
QueenHypocrite: Wooo.
ThievusRaccoonus94: -snort- @_@
JohnnyCage92: XDDDDD
ThievusRaccoonus94: -faints and falls over bench-
QueenHypocrite: Aren't I a sexy bubble nurse?
ThievusRaccoonus94: I can be PH.
ThievusRaccoonus94: And Valtiel.
ThievusRaccoonus94: .-.
QueenHypocrite: So can I!
QueenHypocrite: I can be a little sister to.
JohnnyCage92: OH SHIII!!!!
JohnnyCage92: dancing re-dead
QueenHypocrite: ;D
JohnnyCage92: XDDD
ThievusRaccoonus94: XD
QueenHypocrite: Break it down now*arm falls off*
QueenHypocrite: .-.
JohnnyCage92: little sister Surprised
QueenHypocrite: Mhmm.
QueenHypocrite: I was just a bubble nurse to.
JohnnyCage92: now your just sexy
JohnnyCage92: XDDD
QueenHypocrite: You think so?
ThievusRaccoonus94: He flirts alot. >->
QueenHypocrite: I can see that
QueenHypocrite: Raccoon..I believe you were on my list once.
JohnnyCage92: im going to get dressed now XDDD
ThievusRaccoonus94: Someone needs to neeeeeeuuuuuteeeeer hiiiiiiiim. <3
QueenHypocrite: Did some one say the needed a nurse?
QueenHypocrite: I can neuter.
QueenHypocrite: ;D
JohnnyCage92: eep ._.
QueenHypocrite: *giggles8
ThievusRaccoonus94: @-@
Guest_mbbff12 has joined the chat
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QueenHypocrite: Well this is exctiing!
QueenHypocrite: Not.
ThievusRaccoonus94: XD
ThievusRaccoonus94: -hops onto Johnny-
ThievusRaccoonus94: @3@
QueenHypocrite: Wooo porn!
QueenHypocrite: *films*
JohnnyCage92: JOEY
JohnnyCage92: i want a freakazoid outfit.... >_>
QueenHypocrite: I'm not a freak!
ThievusRaccoonus94: Candlejack. >->
JohnnyCage92: you know your not supposed to say Candlejack because youll disap
JohnnyCage92 has left the chat
ThievusRaccoonus94: XD
QueenHypocrite: ;O
QueenHypocrite: It's all your fault!
ThievusRaccoonus94: No it is
ThievusRaccoonus94 has left the chat
TigerGal696 has joined the chat
QueenHypocrite has left the chat
ThievusRaccoonus94 has joined the chat
VisualFilth: bark.
ThievusRaccoonus94: Weba. Busy looking through the catalog.
ThievusRaccoonus94: @-@
ThievusRaccoonus94: Bwaha.
ThievusRaccoonus94: I luuurvs how Sal's products are so cheap and so detailed.
ThievusRaccoonus94: @-@
ThievusRaccoonus94: Now, if only I had some CREDITS. XD
Guest_VictoriaCree has joined the chat
Guest_VictoriaCree: o:
ThievusRaccoonus94: Ello.
ThievusRaccoonus94: @o@
Guest_VictoriaCree: Hi.
VisualFilth: Hay
Guest_tonyvampire has joined the chat
Guest_VictoriaCree: Helloo
Guest_VictoriaCree: (:
TigerGal696: hello
Guest_tonyvampire: hi
Guest_VictoriaCree: Heyy
TigerGal696: how is you?
Guest_VictoriaCree: Good, you?
TigerGal696: im well, thanks
Guest_VictoriaCree: Whatcha' up to?
TigerGal696: music^^ you?
Guest_VictoriaCree: Watching funny or die(:
Guest_VictoriaCree: haha, what song?
TigerGal696: Anima Rossa
Guest_VictoriaCree: Good song
TigerGal696: Yeah. Lyrics are beautiful. And perfect for someone^^
Guest_VictoriaCree: For who?
TigerGal696: Muh friend Andrew ._.
Guest_VictoriaCree: Awwh
Guest_xColdxCrystalx has joined the chat
Guest_tonyvampire: yas
Guest_VictoriaCree: "I was never seduced by a french man!"
Guest_VictoriaCree: Hi Crys
TigerGal696: CRYS! -super glomp-
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: How could you not be seduced by a man with a mustache and a French outfit :"O
TigerGal696: i hate french accents
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Ello x) -is glomped- x3
TigerGal696: -cuddles- Very Happy -is single again- ^^
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: People used to say I was French .-.
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: But I am not x)
Guest_VictoriaCree: Oney Judge; Drunk History(:
Guest_VictoriaCree: Watch it ;D
TigerGal696: XD
TigerGal696: im italian^^
Guest_VictoriaCree: I'm mexican..
TigerGal696: yay^^
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I'm Russian, Checkoslovakian, German, Polish, and Welsh ;3
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: And one other place that is now a part of Russia..
TigerGal696: ._. just italian :X
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: And so I am half Russian x)
Guest_VictoriaCree: Awwh, now I don't feel cool o:
JohnnyCage92 has joined the chat
TigerGal696: aww your still cool^^
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Checkoslovakia is noted for having many physcopaths o.O
ThievusRaccoonus94: Hey Johnny.
JohnnyCage92: JOEY
ThievusRaccoonus94: <_<
ThievusRaccoonus94: No...
ThievusRaccoonus94: You.
ThievusRaccoonus94: Did.
ThievusRaccoonus94: Not.
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Um...
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I take it back ;3
JohnnyCage92: yah i totaly did XDD
TigerGal696: XD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Google says it was the country next to Checkoslovakia ._.
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I fail.
JohnnyCage92: Czechoslovakia = Czech Republic
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I know that >.>
JohnnyCage92: i know theres a Z in there.... but idk where.... T___T
Guest_VictoriaCree: Czechoslovakia sounds safer.
VisualFilth: lmao
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Don't ask me about geography things...I failed a test on it. I accidentally said Austrailia was Austria and Austria was Hawaii or something @_@
LoboLunar has joined the chat
Guest_VictoriaCree: Very Happy
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Alex :"D
ThievusRaccoonus94: Aaaaaleeeeex.
ThievusRaccoonus94: I'm shopping. No raping while I'm gone. <_<
LoboLunar: crystaaaal, joooeeyyyy
ThievusRaccoonus94: Otherwise Johnny will get you back.
LoboLunar: >_> hmph
JohnnyCage92: XXDDDDD
LoboLunar: i was so prepared too
JohnnyCage92: I WHIFFED A FAIRY!!!
JohnnyCage92: wait... i am the fairy...
JohnnyCage92: XDDDD
LoboLunar: o.O fairly odd parents....thats what you just reminded me of
Guest_VictoriaCree has left the chat
JohnnyCage92: welll...
JohnnyCage92: i AM dressed like Cosmo... XDDD
TigerGal696: XD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: xD
LoboLunar: all you need's a flying avi and tada, you're complete 8D
Guest_XRobinFoxyX has joined the chat
Guest_Stefabeth has joined the chat
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Hey Crystal Very Happy
TigerGal696: D: robin bumped meh!! >.<
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Rooooobin , Steeeeeeeef :"D
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: >_>
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Well sorry old man
Guest_Stefabeth: Hallo
TigerGal696: -sits stubbornly over here now-
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Roooobin, does thou want to go to the mall with Kristyn or Kat ;3 Or someone xD
TigerGal696: ._. im not old man... im random person
TigerGal696: stef^^
LoboLunar: la vie boheme~ Surprised
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Though,
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Is it gonna be a freakin sleep over like always xD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Though...?
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Very Happy
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: UH-HUH >Very Happy
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -high five-
Guest_Stefabeth: I'm just online til I have to go. D: Stupid Portuguese "party" tonight.
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Who's house? :O
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: - high fives back -
ThievusRaccoonus94 has left the chat
Guest_Stefabeth: They're supposed to be here already, but thank God, they aren't.
TigerGal696: XD well, when you g2g you g2g
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Probably not mine..
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Yeah,
JohnnyCage92: BRB
JohnnyCage92 has left the chat
TigerGal696: mkay there >.<
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Mom will be like "YOU TWIT~ SOMANY GOSH DARN PEOPLE"
TigerGal696: ashley goes afk
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Well my mom would act the same if i invited Kristyn, you and kat
Guest_Stefabeth: On the bright side, I FINALLY repainted my nails black. Very Happy
TigerGal696: nice XD
Guest_Stefabeth: And okay if you gotta go afk. :I
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Maybe not Kat :/
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Maybe we could just go shopping
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: With threee, we'd be better off x)
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: - Nods -
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: So only shopping no sleep over?
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: - tries to plan things out -
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: NU!
TigerGal696: -back from puking- damn cramps >.<
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I would probs be able to get three at mah house :"3
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: OH NO!
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Yeah but man i really cant invite 2 friends over at my house unless its a party
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Are you badly sick O.o
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I can, Robin ;3
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Thats my mom's flaw
TigerGal696: yep -.-
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Well no
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Im fine
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Just a tad tired
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I mean tiger xD
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Oh xD
Guest_Stefabeth: D: I dunnz got mine yet. I'm sorry, Ash.
TigerGal696: XD tiger has cramps, sore throat, vomitting, backpain and stomach pain, head ache and neck ache
TigerGal696: its alright stef, but pleae, shoot me
TigerGal696: please*
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I should get mine soon v_v
Guest_Stefabeth: :O You get all that from Aunt Flow?
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Gross vomit
TigerGal696: yep -.-
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Well,
Guest_Stefabeth: I shall not shoot thee! >.<
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Say again Crystal.
TigerGal696: draw
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: So we are going to stay at whos house?
TigerGal696: -points one at my head-
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I'll ask my mom when she gets back from taking care of the horse :/
TigerGal696: brb >.<
Guest_Stefabeth: o.e My eyes feel weird.. I haven't worn my contacts in a while. x]
Guest_Stefabeth: And kay.
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: All righty
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: But,
JohnnyCage92 has joined the chat
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: oh never mind
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Yus?
TigerGal696: back -.-
TigerGal696: draw
TigerGal696: ef1
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: We'll figure it out once your mom gets home XD
JohnnyCage92: back XD
TigerGal696: weba
TigerGal696: ls
TigerGal696: *kneel
TigerGal696: -dead- x.x
JohnnyCage92 has left the chat
Guest_Stefabeth: :X My back just randomly started hurting too, Ash. xD D: Uggghh! You're contagious!
Guest_aliceinwonderland202 has joined the chat
TigerGal696: i am x]
TigerGal696: -is still dead-
Guest_Stefabeth: :O *cpr*
Guest_Stefabeth: Live! LIVE! T-T
TigerGal696: -shot self in head-
Guest_Stefabeth: D: .. This is why I'm not medically certified. Help, HELP!
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: :O
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -does CPR-
TigerGal696: -shot self, in head- x3
Guest_Stefabeth: xD Crystal's not certified either.
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: xD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -stiches Tiger's head- :"D
Guest_Stefabeth: Very Happy!
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -bleeding better stop <.<-
Guest_Stefabeth: Genius!
TigerGal696: -bleed out brains on wall- x.x
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: ?
Guest_Stefabeth: :X
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: /:C
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -stuffs her brains back in and stiches-
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: D:
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: brb
Guest_Stefabeth: By the way, I might go see a movie today with my brother and cousin so we can ditch the party asap. xD
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Hey it's llama!
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: -also give painkillers ;D-
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=AK5Oi6snlLk&feature=related
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=AK5Oi6snlLk&feature=related
Guest_Stefabeth: D: They're HERE!
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=AK5Oi6snlLk&feature=related
TigerGal696: -shows video of what happened-
TigerGal696: *stand1
TigerGal696: draw
Guest_Stefabeth: T-T I gotta go..
TigerGal696: ef1
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Aw fffffffffffffff
TigerGal696: ls
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: v_V
TigerGal696: aww byes stef<3 T-T
Guest_Stefabeth: Before I do, have you seen Matt or Muffin today, Ash?
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Buh baaaai
TigerGal696: not yet
TigerGal696: nor have i seen andrew T-T
TigerGal696: ahh shit! i was gonna show you a song too >.<
Guest_Stefabeth: Ah, alright. Well, if you do, please let them know what I'm up to. Smile See ya. Hopefully later.
TigerGal696: will do^^
Guest_Stefabeth: Do it! Quick! D:
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: This is oh so totally un fair
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Jinx and I still havent gotten our monies
TigerGal696: http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/bleach/animarossa.htm
TigerGal696: read the english!! DX
TigerGal696: -is going to show that song to andrew- :3
Guest_Stefabeth: GTG! D: Show me later.
TigerGal696: >.< kay!
Guest_Stefabeth has left the chat
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: DX
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: robin..
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: i odnt think the money is coming
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: So we're still gonna be hobos?
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: and even if it did we would never get to buy it with out a cr4edit card D:
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: yep DX
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: i'm looking online 4 ways to get creds
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: u can help
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: D:
TigerGal696: i need so many credits >.<
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: i do to
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: D: that ish why u can all join mah journey..
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: and HEWLP llook 4 ways to get creds
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *help
TigerGal696: im trying to go to the mall so i can buy a Gift Card
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :I
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: lucky lady
TigerGal696: but idt my dad wants to take me >.<
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: oh :O
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: brb
TigerGal696: mkay
Tea has joined the chat
Shpartikus has joined the chat
VisualFilth: Nat >>>:3
TigerGal696: reed^^ Very Happy
Shpartikus: Hallo
TigerGal696: hi hi^^
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Harro :"3
Guest_tonyvampire: hi
Shpartikus: How's it gooiin'?
TigerGal696: gewd. yew? Very Happy
Tea: should I ask her? xD
VisualFilth: huh?
Shpartikus: Perdy dandy.
Tea: the portfolio woman
Guest_vampireindisguise01 has joined the chat
VisualFilth: eeeh nooo
TigerGal696: dandy...lions :]
Shpartikus: I was a lion once.
VisualFilth: She's apart of taht other model group
VisualFilth: our rivals >:O
TigerGal696: Surprised what happened? lose your courage? >:3
VisualFilth: uggh I'll make stupid portfolio -.-'
Shpartikus: Naaahh, I got tired of it.
Tea: yeah then we wont use it xD
TigerGal696: >.> my idea was better
Shpartikus: Liar.
Shpartikus: Did you know rawr means "fuck you" in lion?
VisualFilth: uggh nat why you torture me DX
Shpartikus: I'd know.
Tea: oodi!!
Tea: goodie* gosh
TigerGal696: o.o well that sucks... i always say rawr
TigerGal696: see?
TigerGal696: rawr
TigerGal696: XD
Shpartikus: Lions think you're yelling at 'em
Shpartikus: Insultingly.
TigerGal696: thats why that lion tried to num me.... >:I
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Haw haw~
Shpartikus: Most likely. Razz
Tea: I don'øt xD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Maybe it thought you smexeh x)
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Lions do things like that x3
TigerGal696: oh well. ill get mauled one day
Guest_vampireindisguise01 has left the chat
Shpartikus: O.o
TigerGal696: oh yeah. Im total lion bait! ;]
Shpartikus: I maul people...
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: xD
Shpartikus: <_< >_>
TigerGal696: >.>
TigerGal696: dont maul me
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I slaughter people with my chainsaw ;D
TigerGal696: i scream rape
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Tiger, you know my chainsaw's name, right?
TigerGal696: sally, right?
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Yup x3
TigerGal696: ^^ called it
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=rdt3DXWuQm4&feature=related
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: STOP! Don't touch me there, this is my no no square, R-A-P-E, Get the fuck away from me ;D
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Good song~
VisualFilth: almost done nat
LoboLunar has left the chat
TigerGal696: XD
Tea: good!
TigerGal696: thats what happens when i get mauled, i sing that song and scream rape until they go away
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: xD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I just sing the song the song that gets on every body's nerves
TigerGal696: XD
TigerGal696: -pokes reed- >.> he died
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: XD
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Oh, I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, Oh I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, and this is how it goes~
Shpartikus: Sorreh, I'm exploring the afterlife.
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Oh and there's also the song that never ends ;3
Shpartikus: Be back soon
TigerGal696: XD i know that song
TigerGal696: D: take me with you!
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: THis is the song taht never 3ends
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: XD
JohnnyCage92 has joined the chat
Tea: -.-
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *that
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *ends
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: This is the song that never ends, for it goes and on my friends, so if you hear this song again, this the song that never ends~
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :I
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :O
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: i kknow a TOTALLY diffrent version of that
TigerGal696: ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!!! >.<
Tea: .....-_-
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=fa37zJf_kWQ&feature=related
TigerGal696: >.< brb :X
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: tyt
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: brb D:
TigerGal696: -spits out mouthwash- =/ back and tyt
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Lululululu
VisualFilth: DONE
Tea: Yaaay!
Tea: SLOWPOKE damn
VisualFilth: its nothing special X"D
Tea: I don't count on anything special so that ok xD
VisualFilth: lmao X"D
VisualFilth: once i got the patience and I update my actual website, I'll post this portfolio there somewhere
Tea: Jr. came and he didn't even say hi >:/
Tea: omg, you haven't published yet?!?!?!
Tea: T.T jæz...
VisualFilth: huh o.o
VisualFilth: i did publish
Tea: huh o.o
Tea: ok
Tea: xD
Tea: link
VisualFilth: noo XD I mean not on my website
VisualFilth: msg me on msn
Tea: ok o.o
JohnnyCage92: i just finished loading... plus i was on the phone....
JohnnyCage92: and hai XDD
Tea: Hello <.<
Tea: but you never say hi anyways
Tea: freak
JohnnyCage92: .-.
VisualFilth: lmao pwnd
Shpartikus: Back from the afterlife
TigerGal696: how was it? Very Happy
JohnnyCage92: oray
Shpartikus: Pretty interesting
JohnnyCage92: XDDDDDD
TigerGal696: you took pictures, yes?
Shpartikus: Oh.
Shpartikus: Guess I
Tea: you gotta be kidding me. Why is that nice :s
TigerGal696: ._.
Shpartikus: gotta head back.
JohnnyCage92: you wouldnt get it....
TigerGal696: dammit reed >.< just take meeee T-T
JohnnyCage92: you dont play video games
Tea: I might not
JohnnyCage92: XDDD
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: Crystal,
Tea: says who? o.o
Shpartikus: No!
JohnnyCage92: says me
Guest_XRobinFoxyX: /:{C
TigerGal696: Why Not?!
Tea: me is wrong xD
VisualFilth: lmao
Tea: ok not really.
Tea: It's been a while
JohnnyCage92: XDDDD
VisualFilth: you guys should star in a sitcom together
Tea: ._.
Guest_tonyvampire has left the chat
JohnnyCage92: mario bros dont count either...
JohnnyCage92: everybody has played thay
JohnnyCage92: *that
Tea: I never played mario
Tea: xD
Shpartikus: 'cause
Shpartikus: I said so!
Tea: Everybody hasn't!
JohnnyCage92: omfg.... /fayce
TigerGal696: I thought you loved me!! D:
Tea: /fayce right back at ya -.-
Tea: I tried once on my sisters gameboy :O
VisualFilth: NAATT?!?!?!
Shpartikus: Sometimes...
Tea: and my step lil sis has a mario driving game at wii, tried that once. it sucked
TigerGal696: When? What do i do that makes you love me? -cries-
JohnnyCage92: see... you played a mario game
JohnnyCage92: XDDDD
Shpartikus: Stuff
JohnnyCage92: i didnt specifically mean Super Mario Bros...
TigerGal696: the desk stuff? T-T
Tea: person with green hair and lilla dress annoys me.
Guest_XRobinFoxyX has left the chat
Shpartikus: Maybe.
JohnnyCage92: i just ment in the general series of games
Shpartikus: Haha xD I'm kiddin'
VisualFilth: what language is she speaking
TigerGal696: DX
Tea: who? o.o
VisualFilth: you XD
Tea: Danish o.o
VisualFilth: /FAYCE
JohnnyCage92: lmao XDDD
TigerGal696: Thats not a nice joke... -sniffle-
Shpartikus: *hugs* Very Happy?
TigerGal696: -hugs back- :'D
Tea: what did you mean jæz? ._.
Shpartikus: ^_^
JohnnyCage92: we love ttrd... Very Happy
VisualFilth: nothing nat XD nothing at all
TigerGal696: ^^
Tea: -.-'
Tea: Evil xD
JohnnyCage92: fireoray
Tea: I wanna know!
VisualFilth: DUUDEEE
Tea: >.>
Tea: jr.
JohnnyCage92: XDDDD
VisualFilth: and gun 8d
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :I
Tea: Kæz -.-
TigerGal696: jinx^^ weba
JohnnyCage92: i just got this jetpack...
Tea: XD
Tea: -.-'
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: ?
Tea: j
JohnnyCage92: and laser
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: i'm still on brb XC
VisualFilth: nat you read portfolio?
Tea: Why are you guys my friends T.T
TigerGal696: XD okayyy
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: all i typed was :I LOKL XD
Tea: and no I haven't xD
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *l9l
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *ll
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *ll
TigerGal696: *lol
JohnnyCage92: cause we are awesome
TigerGal696: XD
Guest_Infinity1557 has joined the chat
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: *LOL
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: thx :"S
Tea: BRB losers
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: brb
TigerGal696: -pokes reed- now will you take me? 3:
TigerGal696: maky
TigerGal696: mkay*
Guest_Infinity1557: ello :#
Guest_Infinity1557: :3*
JohnnyCage92: idk why i was even sexually attracted to her before....
VisualFilth: look at this mang
Guest_Infinity1557: caps28
JohnnyCage92: XDDD
Shpartikus: Bah.
Shpartikus: Fine.
Shpartikus: close your eyes.
VisualFilth: drawo
JohnnyCage92: thats an awesome sword Surprised
TigerGal696: -shuts eyes- ^^
VisualFilth: o1
Guest_Infinity1557: sword
Guest_Infinity1557: eek
Tea: evil >.>
Shpartikus: Spin around.
TigerGal696: -spins around-
Shpartikus: Slam your face into the concrete
JohnnyCage92: flyaround
Guest_Infinity1557: O.O
TigerGal696: ._. are you sure?
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=xeGCtIEE684&feature=related
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: look
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: at
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: this
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: :I
JohnnyCage92: i got 3 setting on the laser
Guest_aliceinwonderland202: https://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=xeGCtIEE684&feature=related
Shpartikus: >_>
Shpartikus: <_<
JohnnyCage92: stun, kill, and cardiac arrest
JohnnyCage92: XDD
TigerGal696: reed? -cant see, eyes shut-
Shpartikus: Alright jump up and down
TigerGal696: -jumps up and down-
JohnnyCage92: fire laser
JohnnyCage92: .-.
Tea: Awww Jæz :3
JohnnyCage92: firelaser
Guest_Infinity1557: wtf?
Guest_Infinity1557: tat made me jump
Guest_Infinity1557: caps28
JohnnyCage92: firebeam
JohnnyCage92: hmmm.... .-.
TigerGal696: -eyes shut, still jumping-
Tea: You're evil jr xD
JohnnyCage92: XDD
JohnnyCage92: i know XD
Guest_Infinity1557 has left the chat
JohnnyCage92: :O
JohnnyCage92: just noticed
JohnnyCage92: you got gauges
Shpartikus: Welcome to the afterlife1
Tea: mhmm o.o
Tea: o.O
TigerGal696: -stops jumping- i can open my eyes?
Shpartikus: yup
JohnnyCage92: xm
TigerGal696: -opens eyes-
VisualFilth: Aww wut
Tea: your portfolio x'D
JohnnyCage92: sm
Tea: :3
Tea: ._.
VisualFilth: is OK?
TigerGal696: ._. i dont see anything
JohnnyCage92: can i be nosey?
Tea: yeah
Tea: though
TigerGal696: other then what i saw before DX
JohnnyCage92: wtf are you talking about XDD
Shpartikus: Oh.
Shpartikus: That's weird.
TigerGal696: you made me do something wrong DX
Tea: JÆZ - the pic at the first page
Tea: is that something you inserted? XD
Tea: Jæz and I are making a model management Very Happy
JohnnyCage92: oh yeah....
JohnnyCage92: he did mention that
Tea: x3
Shpartikus: Lies!
Shpartikus: You did it wrong yourself!
Guest_suomaisukasLover has joined the chat
TigerGal696: nu uh! you instructed me wrong!
VisualFilth: yeah
Guest_suomaisukasLover: 5 6 SUCKING MA DICK!!
Guest_suomaisukasLover: 8D
TigerGal696: O.O not suo... -hides-
Tea: what is it? Xd
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >:U HUHUHUEHE
VisualFilth: i dunno
VisualFilth: white knight
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O O m g Its TEA
Guest_suomaisukasLover: LETS DRINK IT
Guest_suomaisukasLover: HAHA2
VisualFilth: I just needed something to full up the whiteness XD
TigerGal696: -stays hiding-
VisualFilth: You know, it'll be great once we're mods.
Tea: Oh no that
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >w>
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Tigerrr
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Rawr
Guest_suomaisukasLover: RUNBITCH
TigerGal696: -runs- DX
Tea: aint that scizophrenia or something like it
VisualFilth: huh
Tea: thats song xD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: HEY O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: IM LSITING NOW
Tea: that*
Guest_suomaisukasLover: THAT ON YOUTUBE
Tea: xD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: BROKENCYDE
TigerGal696: suo... now your a chick?!
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O________O O M G
Tea: I know
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Heh..
Guest_suomaisukasLover: yes I AM a chick 8D
Guest_suomaisukasLover: KEKEKE
Guest_suomaisukasLover: LOLZ
Tea: feels nerdy for knowing xD
TigerGal696: hot XD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Uhu O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >XD
Tea: I don't like screamo though.
Shpartikus has left the chat
TigerGal696: psht. more attractive then you male avi >Very Happy
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >.>
TigerGal696: x]
Guest_suomaisukasLover: ^^
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -Pats your head-
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Im gonna eat yo later
TigerGal696: -purrs-
Guest_suomaisukasLover: =D
Tea: now I have that song on my mind T.T
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
TigerGal696: yay! Very Happy
Guest_suomaisukasLover: WOOHOO
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
TigerGal696: i love being eated
Guest_suomaisukasLover: 1 2 WE'RE COMING FOR YOUUU
Guest_suomaisukasLover: 8DD
Tea: don't xD
TigerGal696: yay!!! Very Happy
Tea: it's from that movie too..
Tea: what is it called
Tea: err >.<
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: <.< Hum..?
Tea: where it's those kids who sing it
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O...
Tea: errr
Tea: >:/
Guest_suomaisukasLover: GUYS LETS HELP HER
TigerGal696: O.O -pokes-
JohnnyCage92: Nightmare on Elm Street?
Tea: XD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -Pokes back-
Guest_suomaisukasLover: SCARY MOVUE?
Guest_suomaisukasLover: IE
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Shrek : D
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Finding nemo..? : D
Guest_suomaisukasLover: KEKEKE
JohnnyCage92: Freddy Krueger
TigerGal696: -finger shanks- o:<
Tea: OH
Tea: oh xD
Tea: jr wrote it
Tea: ew
Tea: it's gross xD
RawrXAlesanaXRawr has joined the chat
JohnnyCage92: Freddy Krueger is teh awesomest super villan/serial killer EVER
Tea: xD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -Shakes-
Tea: well yeah it's kinda cool how he kills ._.
TigerGal696: Surprised -hugs?-
Tea: but I think it's creepy when they sing that xD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -Hugs back-
JohnnyCage92: 1,2, freddys coming for you
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Feel my warmth
Guest_suomaisukasLover: FEEL IT
TigerGal696: Mmmm warmth
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
JohnnyCage92: 3, 4, better lock your door
TigerGal696: <.< ill get snuggly XD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Ohh yeahhh
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: 0.0
Guest_suomaisukasLover: AIII
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: oh my
Guest_suomaisukasLover: UYYY
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Tea: and something with grab a crucifix
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
JohnnyCage92: 5, 6, grab your crucifix
Tea: oops
Tea: yeah xD
TigerGal696: XD -gets snuggleh- o:<
Tea: next line I don't remember
TigerGal696: welcome, alesana, XD
JohnnyCage92: 7, 8, better stay up late
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: HAHAHAH!
JohnnyCage92: 9, 10, never sleep again
TigerGal696: >.< guys are better snuggles >.<
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O___O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >w> Nooo
Tea: x.x
TigerGal696: <.< yeaa
JohnnyCage92: nero's decay...
JohnnyCage92: meh fave song
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >.> Noooo
Tea: don't know it ._.
TigerGal696: cuz the guys have beter abs
TigerGal696: o:< and i like abs!
Tea: abs
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: haha yea Alesana is wayyy Kick Ass
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >:U ABS..?
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: and te's a good song!!
Tea: abs xD
TigerGal696: ABS!! D:<
TigerGal696: XD
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: !!!!!
JohnnyCage92: A.B.S. = anti-lock braking system
JohnnyCage92: XDDDD
TigerGal696: XD
Tea: XD lame
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: ewwwwie abs are nasty
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Tea: depends on how much xD
TigerGal696: ._. i love abs... with a passion...
Guest_suomaisukasLover: WUTS THAT
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Sprem..? : D
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Sperm
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Oopsy
Guest_suomaisukasLover: XD
TigerGal696: XD only on waffles
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Smegma
Guest_suomaisukasLover: SPERM ON WAFFELS..?
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: EWWWWIE
Tea: abs can be really sexy x3
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: SPERM
Tea: but also too much
Guest_suomaisukasLover: HAHA2
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >XD
Tea: one from my class, has too much. thats ew <.<
Guest_suomaisukasLover: HAHAHAHHA
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -LOLZ-
TigerGal696: XD look what that ONE night with you did to me
JohnnyCage92: JESSE!!!!!
Tea: vampires ain't reaaal
JohnnyCage92: OMFG
VisualFilth: ????
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Vampires suck periods
Guest_suomaisukasLover: ;D
JohnnyCage92: dude, have you seen the new old spice commercials?
VisualFilth: I don't think so xD
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tI4CbCniBI
Guest_suomaisukasLover: KEKEKE
TigerGal696: OH! and you remember that onlyme guy, Suo?
Guest_suomaisukasLover: ML
Guest_suomaisukasLover: D=
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: nooo thats Edward Cullen he is the one that drink period blood
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Who..? : D
Tea: ._.
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: yea
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: hh=e is like my best frend
Guest_suomaisukasLover: No O_O
Tea: ;s
TigerGal696: Sorry to say but hes an ass. He broke up with me after i hung out with Suo
VisualFilth: LMAO
JohnnyCage92: XDDDDDDD
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: that most likely wasn't the reason
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
TigerGal696: no, he said that i seemed to have more fun when he wasnt around
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Really.. O_O
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG0VGbcMeNM
TigerGal696: and then claimed i was cheating on him with Suo
Tea: hey jæzzer you posted the portfolio to the group?
TigerGal696: -.- yes really
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O Whats this.. D=
TigerGal696: and then hes like "but we can be friends"
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Im sorry.. O_O
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: ehhh i dunno
TigerGal696: and then treated me like shit >.<
VisualFilth: Not yet >:3
Guest_suomaisukasLover: :/
Guest_suomaisukasLover: v......v
TigerGal696: Its fine, hence why im... like... done with relationships
VisualFilth: Also! New post in the forum |D
Tea: ew jr
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: oh
Guest_suomaisukasLover: Ah..
Tea: >.<'
JohnnyCage92: Terry Crews is freakin awesome
TigerGal696: >.< damn now i feel emo...
Tea: but he got some nasty muscles XD
JohnnyCage92: most awesomest Jolly African Amercan alive
TigerGal696: -runs to my safety corner- D:
VisualFilth: I know XDDD
VisualFilth: You see him in white chicks?
TigerGal696: *kneel
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
Tea: he's very good at playing something gross xD


RawrXAlesanaXRawr: emo is a genrea of music
JohnnyCage92: YEAH XDDD
Tea: ofc xD
VisualFilth: XDDDDD
Guest_suomaisukasLover: <.< Boo
Tea: ew xD
TigerGal696: short for emotional -.-
Guest_suomaisukasLover: *Kneel
TigerGal696: >.< meh...
Guest_suomaisukasLover: <.<
TigerGal696: whattt?
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q2OlqsknXI&feature=channel
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: Emo=a type of music
TigerGal696: its short for emotional ._.
VisualFilth: Emo > Overly retarded social reject teenagers who have zero friends, so they label themselves something to become friends with people who're equally as retarded.
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: Emotional is emotions like happy sad hyper
Tea: someone is playing sucky music
VisualFilth: omfg johnny XD
TigerGal696: whatever helps you sleep at night jesse
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: wow ok i can't be here anymiore
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O_O
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk-gHgP03yw&feature=channel
VisualFilth: Mhm, you wanna start again?
Guest_suomaisukasLover: >.>
Guest_suomaisukasLover: <.<
VisualFilth: Defending your little failure label
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekn36qfsi74&feature=channel
Tea: XD
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: emo is music
Tea: lets make up over own label jæz
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: emo is not a group of people
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: emotional is being happy
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: or sad
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: or hyper
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: or sleepy
TigerGal696: How about you just leave me the fuck alone and let me live my life the way i fucking want? are you so self centered that you have to treat others like shit? fuck this, im going to be better and go to a different chat. Fuck the majority of yourselves/
VisualFilth: Are you retarded? You're sitting there dressed liek an emo, and you claim it's JUST MUSIC
Tea: as long as you believe in that yourself xD
VisualFilth: Oh what are you, GOTH :O?
TigerGal696 has left the chat
VisualFilth: WOO. Omg she left without anything XD Fucking yes
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: goth and emo are types of music
VisualFilth: Btw. johnny. that was the retard from last nights post
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Goth is a type of religious phase from the medevil times >.>
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE&feature=channel
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Emo is musi
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: Music*
VisualFilth: If you actually believe that you're stupider than you look.
Guest_suomaisukasLover: O____O
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: thatnk you crystal person!
Guest_suomaisukasLover: d=
Guest_suomaisukasLover: D=
JohnnyCage92: WATCH THIS
JohnnyCage92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE&feature=channel
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: wow i'm leaving now
VisualFilth: Good
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: BYE FUCK DACE
RawrXAlesanaXRawr: FACE*
VisualFilth: Get out xD cowards
Tea: rawr crystal didn't say goth was music XD
VisualFilth: Yep. Byye
Guest_xColdxCrystalx: I don't care xD
RawrXAlesanaXRawr has left the chat
Tea: Yeah
VisualFilth: Lmao
Guest_suomaisukasLover: -.-
Tea: lets go fuck ourself x'D
VisualFilth: Oh wow XD much easier than yesterday
Tea: :3
Guest_suomaisukasLover has left the chat
Tea: srsly XD
Tea: why is it an insult saying "go fuck yourself" XD
JohnnyCage92: so everyone left is on our side?
VisualFilth: I KNOW
Tea: except fugly person
Tea: -.-
Tea: cus she annoys me.
VisualFilth: I'm posting this convo i nthe thread too >:3
JohnnyCage92: XDDD

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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY   BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 9:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY   BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 11:43 am

Srsly. You guyz are on fiiiiire! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY   BATTLE 1½ ; COMPLETE VICTORY I_icon_minitime

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