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THEY come after you too. With Bug

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 Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi

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PostSubject: Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi   Sun May 09, 2010 10:23 pm

Thought I would get some intel on these freaks o.e' and it turned into so much more

Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Surprised
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: They ditched
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Zoe?
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: >_>
TigiTiggerz: nice friends you got there
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: x] Whenever you come back from the dead? I had to go, kay? Tc. Luvv ya.
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: Im back! Buh NO!
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Idgaf about your opinion, sweety
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: NO GO D=
TigiTiggerz: sure xD
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Sowwee! *must*
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Whatever
TigiTiggerz: tootles
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: Luv ya Zoe
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: -clings and smooches chur cheek- XD
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: Lurve you too x]
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: ;]
Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt has left the chat
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: OH NO! I g2g
TigiTiggerz: bye
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: Buhbye -hugs all-
TigiTiggerz: o_O
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: I hug strangers...is there a problem ? XD
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX: POOOF Very Happy
XxXZoeyRedbirdXxX has left the chat
xToxicMittens has joined the chat
TigiTiggerz: wb
xToxicMittens: thanks,
TigiTiggerz: the other two left because you and thera ditched
xToxicMittens: Oh? o.0 i swore i wrote "brb"
TigiTiggerz: yeah v.v
TigiTiggerz: Guest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: :oGuest_YoshiXMuffinbutt: They ditched
xXxTheraxXx has joined the chat
xToxicMittens: hi Thera X3
TigiTiggerz: she left like 2 secs after
xToxicMittens: Ohhh... ;.;
xToxicMittens: -pokes thera-
TigiTiggerz: so do you guys come in here often?
xToxicMittens: o-o
xToxicMittens: xD
xToxicMittens: Mhm, this is where i first met Ele and Dacian.
xXxTheraxXx has left the chat
TigiTiggerz: ah Surprised
TigiTiggerz: do you guys have other rooms that are regular chats you hang in?
xToxicMittens: yup. i usually stick here most of time.
TigiTiggerz: ohh so you must know jesse and alex
xToxicMittens: ^.^ Yup
TigiTiggerz: I met them here for the first time too
xToxicMittens: do you remember my Aurora14xx account?
TigiTiggerz: yeah I know you're Aur. you change your name alot
xToxicMittens: No no...
xToxicMittens: that accout wont work anymore, o.0
TigiTiggerz: oh it got hacked>
xToxicMittens: im not sure. :/ everytime i trry singing it with it it always say "reject by the owner" or something ;.;
TigiTiggerz: reject by owner? thats weird
xToxicMittens: mhm,
TigiTiggerz: i think that means imvu canceled it
xToxicMittens: O-O
xToxicMittens: AwwWwwWWWwwwh.hh.h...
TigiTiggerz: you broke TOS >.>
TigiTiggerz: idk how but yew did it Surprised
xToxicMittens: TOS ?
TigiTiggerz: Terms of Service
TigiTiggerz: IMVU won't cancel your account unless TOS has been violated
xToxicMittens: i wonder if it was becuz of when i gave out my cell number to ele and the others privately? o.0
TigiTiggerz: hmm
xToxicMittens: which was retarted of me..
xToxicMittens: >.<
TigiTiggerz: aw why do you say that?
xToxicMittens: no idea..
xToxicMittens: x]
TigiTiggerz: lol, I don't think that was bad
TigiTiggerz: they're your friends so its only natural for you to do that
xToxicMittens: ^^
TigiTiggerz: but nah IMVU wouldn't cancel your account over that
TigiTiggerz: they just recommend you don't do it
TigiTiggerz: most likely, you got reported from someone
xToxicMittens: but i wonder why it doesnt works no longer,
xToxicMittens: reported?
xToxicMittens: o-o
TigiTiggerz: uh huh
xToxicMittens: why would anyone report me? i never done anythi-- ohhhhh...
TigiTiggerz: ahh see?
xToxicMittens: but seriously. i havent done anything at all D:
xToxicMittens: you cant randomly report on someone for no reason o.0
TigiTiggerz: well no you can't but someone probably did it to you and convinced imvu to delete your account
xXxTheraxXx has joined the chat
xToxicMittens: ;.; so Cruueelll...
TigiTiggerz: mhmv.v
TigiTiggerz: at least you got a new account now
xToxicMittens: hahaha, thats messed up
xToxicMittens: the age says "20" when im really 15, and i change the state from where im from cuz i live in Canada not US.
xToxicMittens: xD
xXxTheraxXx: haii srry i lagged again
xToxicMittens: and the d.o.b is messed up as well
xToxicMittens: Weba ~
TigiTiggerz: on this one or your old one?
xXxTheraxXx: ty
xToxicMittens: this one.
TigiTiggerz: because lying about your age violates TOS as well
xXxTheraxXx: did yu get the gifts i got yu aur?
xXxTheraxXx: o.o
xToxicMittens: ;.; byebye to this account then... -sniffles-
xToxicMittens: and yesh i did tvy ^^
TigiTiggerz: lmao
xXxTheraxXx: x33 yvw
xXxTheraxXx: grr the laundry needs to be done now
xXxTheraxXx: im tired and need sleep but i gotta put the stupid clothes away
xXxTheraxXx: so they dnt get wrinkled
xXxTheraxXx: .-.
xToxicMittens: im tired as well x.x
xXxTheraxXx: ;/
xXxTheraxXx: i sneezed and got a headache
xXxTheraxXx: o.O
xToxicMittens: O.o
xToxicMittens: <.<
xToxicMittens: xD
xXxTheraxXx: how in the hell...
xXxTheraxXx: xDD
xXxTheraxXx: 6 mins then im gonna goo
xXxTheraxXx: ._.
xXxTheraxXx: 3 mins
TigiTiggerz: hey thera
TigiTiggerz: how long as the garden been your spot?
xXxTheraxXx: uhm
xXxTheraxXx: idk remeber ive been here for a while
TigiTiggerz: but not that long right?
xXxTheraxXx: since i had my first account in 2006
TigiTiggerz: well o.o
xXxTheraxXx: but then i deleted it
xXxTheraxXx: so
xXxTheraxXx: yea
xToxicMittens: interesting.. Surprised
xXxTheraxXx: mhm
xXxTheraxXx: whyy do yu ask?
xToxicMittens: xD i had to pretend i was heading to bed tehe.
xXxTheraxXx: o.o
xXxTheraxXx: lolz
TigiTiggerz: because the garden had been the UL's spot and we want it back
TigiTiggerz: has*
xToxicMittens: i've been here since.. maybe January?
xXxTheraxXx: oh
xToxicMittens: why?! D:<
TigiTiggerz: our crew chilled here
xToxicMittens: that was way before!
xToxicMittens: xD
TigiTiggerz: exactly
xToxicMittens: exactly..what?
TigiTiggerz: we have a history here
TigiTiggerz: and we would like to keep it going
TigiTiggerz: it was our haven
xToxicMittens: o-o'
TigiTiggerz: and it will be our haven
xToxicMittens: you know there's a similiar garden to this called the "Secret Garden"
xToxicMittens: everythign looks the same but more poses,
TigiTiggerz: eh
TigiTiggerz: The Garden of Eternal Night is better because it is our spot
TigiTiggerz: you guys can chill in that garden
TigiTiggerz: wouldn't make a difference to you right?
xToxicMittens: haha noo thanks.
xToxicMittens: x]
TigiTiggerz: aight
xXxTheraxXx: ive had a lot of history here thts why im having trouble with it..
xXxTheraxXx: x.x
TigiTiggerz: do tell
xToxicMittens: hmm...
xToxicMittens: im never leaving this place ..AGAIN, :l
xXxTheraxXx: o.o
xToxicMittens: i remember the last time i did >-<
TigiTiggerz: you'll leave soon enough
xToxicMittens: how convincing.
TigiTiggerz: indeed it is
xToxicMittens: how so??
xToxicMittens: Razz
xToxicMittens: xD
TigiTiggerz: well
TigiTiggerz: you got two choices
xXxTheraxXx: brb
TigiTiggerz: you'll leave on your own
TigiTiggerz: or you'll leave because of mods
TigiTiggerz: or third choice, you'll get tired of being here
xToxicMittens: the third choice.. i've been there before o.0
xToxicMittens: huh..weird.
xXxTheraxXx: back
TigiTiggerz: wb
xToxicMittens: weba
xXxTheraxXx: ty
xXxTheraxXx: ty
TigiTiggerz: you may come back to it
xToxicMittens: oh.
TigiTiggerz: yeah
xToxicMittens: god i swear this cold is killing meeeeee
xToxicMittens: x.x
Guest_XDeath101AngelX has joined the chat
xXxTheraxXx: awww ;/
xToxicMittens: whats wrong?
TigiTiggerz: thought you were gonna leave Thera?
TigiTiggerz: its way past your bedtime
xXxTheraxXx: xDD
xXxTheraxXx: i know
xToxicMittens: o-o
xXxTheraxXx: AHH
xToxicMittens: *is having a hardtime breathing atm*
xToxicMittens: x.x
xXxTheraxXx: its like 2 hrs past my bedtime
xXxTheraxXx: O.o
xXxTheraxXx: alrighty i gotz to go
xXxTheraxXx: bai Tiggerz and AUr
TigiTiggerz: seriously consider moving your main spot somewhere else
xToxicMittens: god i find it hard to breathe all a suddenx.
xToxicMittens: x.x
TigiTiggerz: bye thera
xToxicMittens: Awwh bye thera!
xXxTheraxXx: baii
xXxTheraxXx: ttyl
xXxTheraxXx has left the chat
TigiTiggerz: not enough oxygenated pixels in the garden?
TigiTiggerz: its a sign
TigiTiggerz: the garden doesn't want you
xToxicMittens: nono...
TigiTiggerz: yesyes
xToxicMittens: im having a hard time coughing and breathing in air, feels like im choking,
TigiTiggerz: this fog spot may be the cause of that
TigiTiggerz: bet the "secret garden" doesn't have fog spot
xToxicMittens: piss of idgaf if u dont want me here .
TigiTiggerz: if youdgaf, why get upset?
TigiTiggerz: why deal with me?
TigiTiggerz: why not poof?
xToxicMittens: uhh dur, i said you.
TigiTiggerz: the "secret garden" doesn't have people like me
xToxicMittens: yeah they do
xToxicMittens: x.x
TigiTiggerz: nah
xToxicMittens: xD
xToxicMittens: well its true anyway
xToxicMittens: x.x
xToxicMittens: bleh
TigiTiggerz: whats true?
TigiTiggerz: that the garden doesn't want you?
TigiTiggerz: thats a fact babe
xToxicMittens: wow...internet dislike..
xToxicMittens: o-o
TigiTiggerz: mhm
TigiTiggerz: I have plenty of internet dislike against you and your group of faigs
xToxicMittens: oh.
TigiTiggerz: you took the garden
TigiTiggerz: I want it back
xToxicMittens: oh.
xToxicMittens: why bother hanging out here with our group of fags if u hate us that much?
xToxicMittens: :S
TigiTiggerz: i'm not hanging out with you
TigiTiggerz: and like I said, UL had the garden first
TigiTiggerz: you guys are polluting it
xToxicMittens: i said here,
TigiTiggerz: yeah I'm not hanging out with you HERE
TigiTiggerz: jeez, I gotta spell it all out for you
TigiTiggerz: i'm not hanging out with you and your faigs HERE
TigiTiggerz: I'm hanging out HERE because this is the UL spot
xToxicMittens: you know all you gotta do is ask?
xToxicMittens: :l
TigiTiggerz: ok
TigiTiggerz: Can you and your friends move to another room?
xToxicMittens: not me though,
TigiTiggerz: riiiight
xToxicMittens: you gotta ask the others really cuz im just here becuz of them
TigiTiggerz: and I assume Dacian is the almighty god you all flock to
TigiTiggerz: yeah well we did that earlier
TigiTiggerz: and they won't budge
xToxicMittens: and?
TigiTiggerz: I doubt asking would help anyway
TigiTiggerz: you said earlier you weren't leaving again
Guest_XDeath101AngelX has left the chat
xToxicMittens: becuz they stick here often and i do invite them in toher rooms but sooner they all come back here >:l
TigiTiggerz: interesting
TigiTiggerz: well what about the secret garden?
xToxicMittens: -shrugs- idk.. you try convinving them and i'll try at least if they refuse..?
TigiTiggerz: well its time for your part because my convincing didn't go so well
TigiTiggerz: so are you going to convince them?
xToxicMittens: -shrugs-
TigiTiggerz: ah well you guys are gonna be dealing with alot of shit if you keep coming back to the garden
xToxicMittens: even if i did convinced them,
xToxicMittens: they're going to eventually come back here.
TigiTiggerz: no if you convince them the right way they will stay away
TigiTiggerz: because they won't like what they come back to
xToxicMittens: oh.
TigiTiggerz: -sigh- you're not gonna convince them v.v

and then it just died from there cause I think she was in other chats and I can't take on one person all by myself but I think I did pretty well because now her and her faigs have been warned.
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PostSubject: Re: Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi   Sun May 09, 2010 11:52 pm


We need to make them just hate going to GOEN, just push 'em out, thats our place in the first place, it would really help if the Owner gave us mods.
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PostSubject: Re: Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi   Mon May 10, 2010 6:42 am

HE WILL GIVE US MODS, I'm bribing him with credits/vip. And I will make Myself, Nox, Eve, Joey, Maybe lizz(he doesnt go there enough tho). Moderator privileges . >:3 Everyone else is either 'friends' with the enemy, or not online enough to matter in this.

So our warnings aren't meaningless anymore. Wink Ofc don't tell them we're bribing him. Just warn how they will eventually be banned if they dont leave on their free will.

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PostSubject: Re: Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi   Mon May 10, 2010 8:30 am

kk gotcha Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi   

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Er.. my battle? o_O with Aur and some of Thera I guess and a bit of Yoshi
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